August 2

New potential for hydrocolloid innovations,

CP Kelco, a leading global producer of specialty hydrocolloid solutions, announced the completion of new production capabilities in its Okmulgee, Oklahoma plant for manufacturing KELCOGEL gellan gum. This expansion of gellan gum production capacity enables the company to respond to growing market demand for this high-performance product line, used in a wide range of food, beverage and other applications. At IFT 2017, the company presented various concepts utilizing gellan gum, including a pea and peanut protein drink where suspension is ensured through the use of their ingredient.


May 18

San Diego Gas & Electric Presents CP Kelco, The winner of the Energy Showcase Manufacturing Award, San Diego Gas & Electric

One of the oldest manufacturing companies in San Diego, CP Kelco has transitioned from making algin products from kelp to now being a leading producer of hydrocolloids — a thickening and gelling agent.


October 10

CP Kelco San Diego Plant – Environmental Excellence Award Video, Industrial Environmental Association

CP Kelco is honored with the Industrial Environmental Association’s 2016 Environmental Excellence Award.

August 2

The GM Free and Reduced Sugar Trends,

Hydrocolloids, such as pectin, cellulose gum, xanthan gum and gellan gum, offer formulators the opportunity to formulate a low-sugar beverage that better represents full sugar products. These biopolymer products enhance mouthfeel, make the flavour more pleasant and reduce the aftertaste of high intensity sweeteners. CP Kelco has conducted laboratory tests to determine how hydrocolloids affect both rheological and sensory measures in beverages. These tests have shown conclusively that viscosity and density are integral parameters influencing the oral sensations of body and mouthfeel and that these parameters can be manipulated to achieve a desired outcome.



August 25

Innovative Roles for Hydrocolloids in Beverage Systems, Food

In the food industry, the multifunctional gelling agent gellan gum can be used at low levels in a wide variety of products that require gelling, texturizing, stabilizing, suspending, film-forming and structuring. Or, gellan gum can be combined with other thickening agents such as starch, guar gum, locust bean gum, cellulose derivatives or xanthan gum to produce a wide variety of interesting textures. A look at some trends in hydrocolloid application.



October 14

Not all gummies are created equal,

Wanda Jurlina, CP Kelco Technical Service Manager in San Diego, addresses in-depth questions about what makes certain gummies, and innovative delivery systems, stand apart.