US DOC Anti-Dumping Margins on Chinese and Austrian Xanthan Gum Imports

January 15, 2013
ATLANTA, Georgia, USA – January 15, 2013 – The U.S. Department of Commerce (U.S. DOC) has announced preliminary anti-dumping tariff margin rates against Chinese and Austrian xanthan gum exporters covering all xanthan gum imports into the United States. The action followed the U.S. International Trade Commission’s unanimous vote in August 2012 that injury had occurred […]

United States FDA Confirms Safety of Carrageenan As Food Ingredient

December 14, 2012
ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, December 14, 2012 – In response to a 2008 citizens petition from Joanne K. Tobacman, M.D., the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that the alleged claims made by Dr. Tobacman do not adequately support the revocation of 21 CFR 172.620, permitting […]

CP Kelco Announces CMC Capacity Expansion Plans

December 12, 2012
ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, December 12, 2012 – CP Kelco, a world-leading carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) producer, today announces plans to increase capacity at its production facility in Äänekoski, Finland. CP Kelco will be expanding purified CMC capacity up to 25% at this facility over the next 12 to 18 months to meet expanding market demand. The […]

CP Kelco Certifies to Global Food Safety Initiative for All Manufacturing Facilities Globally

December 6, 2012
ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, December 6, 2012 – CP Kelco, a world-leading hydrocolloid and food ingredient producer, has been audited and has met the requirements for Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) for all nine manufacturing facilities located across the globe, which meets the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). A continuation of a […]

CP Kelco Announces the Appointment of Azelis as Exclusive Distributor for China, Hong Kong

August 13, 2012
Shanghai, China, August 13, 2012 — CP Kelco has recently appointed Azelis as exclusive distributor in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong SAR, representing the entire product portfolio into the for Food, Beverage, Consumer and Industrial application segments. ”China is a strategic growth market for CP Kelco’s nature-based products. As the market matures, […]