XANTURAL® Xanthan Gum

The XANTURAL® xanthan gum range has been designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

XANTURAL® is a line of xanthan gum products designed for use as pharmaceutical excipients. Its solutions are transparent. XANTURAL xanthan gums are water-soluble biopolymers used as rheology modifiers.

Solutions of XANTURAL are highly pseudoplastic: at rest or under low shear conditions they exhibit very high viscosity, even at low in-use concentrations (typically 0.1–0.5%). Under high shear conditions, they exhibit a low viscosity.

Its rheological properties, combined with its compatibility with a wide range of other ingredients enable XANTURAL to function in a variety of applications.

XANTURAL xanthan gum:

  • Thickens and controls the flow behavior of liquids
  • Prevents the sedimentation of suspended particles
  • Prevents the separation of oil-in-water emulsions
  • Exhibits easy mixing, pumping and pouring characteristics
  • Shows relatively little viscosity change over a wide temperature range
  • Is not degraded by high shear processes

Controlled Release

Controlled release is an important and useful tool in the formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. The hydrophilic matrix (HM) tablet system is a widely used dosage form because it is easily formulated and manufactured using conventional equipment.

Controlled release in an HM system depends primarily on the development of a viscous layer around the tablet which controls the overall dissolution rate and drug availability.

The unique chemical and physical properties of XANTURAL xanthan gum provided versatile options when used alone or in combination with other pharmaceutical excipients for the production of dosage forms with specific controlled release rates. XANTURAL swells in gastric fluid to produce a highly viscous layer around the tablet through which the drug must diffuse, producing a more robust layer, slowing drug release.

Advantages of XANTURAL® Xanthan Gum:

  • Low Use Levels
  • Zero Order Release Achievable
  • Directly Compressible
  • Customized Release Profiles
  • Erosion Resistant