GENU® Pectin

GENU® Pectin products, available only from CP Kelco, are produced from citrus peel by extraction and controlled de-esterification, and are the gel forming components of fruits. GENU pectin is a common and trusted ingredient used in many food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical products.

In pharmaceutical applications, GENU pectin products can be employed to create textures from gels to structured fluids. They are also used as water-binding and film-forming agents. By using different raw materials and manufacturing conditions, CP Kelco is able to produce pectin products with a wide range of composition and functional properties that meet specific customer needs.

Through careful control of the raw material source, the extraction process and conditions and the recovery process, GENU pectin products can be changed in numerous ways to impact desired chemical and physical properties. In addition, select enzymatic modification can be employed to tailor pectins’ chemical structure to impact its performance in the final application. Using these approaches, GENU pectin’s degree of esterification, the ester distribution and molecular weight are manipulated to impact performance features such as:

  • Rheology and viscosity
  • Solubility
  • Gelation/hydrogel formation
  • Exudate absorption
  • Specific binding ability

CP Kelco works in conjunction with customers to develop new pectin products and formulations for specific applications. Several of the pharmaceutical applications where GENU pectin finds utility are:

  • Pharmaceutical emulsions and suspensions
  • Wound care products
  • Ostomy products
  • Controlled and sustained drug release formulations
  • Colonic specific drug delivery
  • Fiber formation
  • Mucoadhesion and wet tack applications
  • Bioabsorbable adhesives
  • Dietary fiber source
  • Anti-reflux preperations
  • Prebiotics