CEKOL® Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

Through careful control of the production process, a wide range of CEKOL® cellulose gum grades can be produced. CEKOL cellulose gum has the ability to form viscous solutions in both cold and warm water. CEKOL cellulose gum provides a vast range of properties for many applications, enhancing the performance and stability of the final product. It is increasingly finding new applications due to its non-hazardous nature and environmentally-friendly characteristics. All forms and grades of CEKOL are inherently biodegradable.

For the pharmaceutical industry CP Kelco offers a selection of purified cellulose gums, guaranteed 99.5% pure. These products play various roles in pharmaceutical formulations. CEKOL cellulose gum types act as binders, thickeners, stabilizers and film formers. CEKOL cellulose gum meets the standards for general pharmaceutical use. Most of the CEKOL grades can be upgraded where special conditions are required.

Thickening and Binding

CEKOL cellulose gum grades are very efficient thickeners/binders. End-product requirements will determine which will be most suitable for applications such as:

  • Nasal drops, eye drops, and ear drops
  • Syrups (partial or whole replacement of sugar)
  • Base for ointments

As Dispersants, Thickeners and Stabilizers

Low viscosity CEKOL products are excellent dispersion excipients due to their high swellability when moistened and because they do not contribute excessive viscosity to otherwise stable systems. CEKOL high viscosity types are very efficient thickeners. Selection depends on the desired flow characteristics (“short” or “long”) and the stabilization required. In some cases, low and high viscosity products can substitute for each other with modifications to the use levels. It is impossible to list all the formulations, but in general, we recommend for:

  • Oil-in-water emulsions
  • Various syrups and suspensions, depending on the active(s) and desired flow characteristics

Coating for Tablets

When CEKOL cellulose gum solutions are evaporated to the dry state they form strong and flexible films. Depending on the type these may be transparent or almost crystal clear. The tensile strength is approximately 500 kg per cm2. The films absorb very little ultraviolet light or wavelengths of 330 nm and larger. The CEKOL films are resistant to oils and alcohols, and have proven to function well, even at high relative humidity. CEKOL cellulose gum is compatible with sugars, emulsifiers and most hydrocolloids.