GENUVISCO® Carrageenan

GENUVISCO® Carrageenan products are a family of sulphated polysaccharides extracted from certain species of red seaweed. By using the appropriate carrageenan product, the formulator can create textures ranging from free-flowing liquids to solid gels.

In addition to offering standard GENUVISCO types, CP Kelco works in conjunction with customers to develop new products and formulations for specific applications.

  • Kappa carrageenan forms firm gels in the presence of ions.
  • Iota carrageenan forms elastic gels and thixotropic fluids in the presence of ions.
  • Lambda carrageenan forms viscous, non-gelling solutions.

GENUVISCO carrageenan (iota type grades) can be used to promote skin feel in lotions and creams, and supports seaweed label claim.

Secondly, CP Kelco is a leading manufacturer of GENUVISCO carrageenan specifically designed for the toothpaste and oral care markets. GENUVISCO carrageenans can be used to develop toothpastes with the stability, appearance, and rheology required for success in a competitive market.

GENUVISCO TPC-1-NF dissolves in cold deionized water to form a low viscosity solution. If a salt such as sodium fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate is then added, an elastic gel is formed. During the mixing stage of toothpaste production, the gel structure is disrupted and the paste becomes very smooth. The gel structure is shear-reversible, re-building when mixing stops and breaking down to a paste consistency under shear, for example when applied to the teeth. To ensure consistent performance, each batch of GENUVISCO TPC-1-NF is tested in a simplified toothpaste system.

GENUVISCO carrageenan products conform to specifications for identity and purity of the monograph of carrageenan in the United States Pharmacopeia / National Formulary.