Soaps, Gels and Body Washes

Suspending actives and other functional ingredients, as well as providing products that have good pumpability, flowability and foam generation all improve a product’s consumer attractiveness. Creating a system with consumer friendly appeal that reliably suspends and uniformly distributes these components, as well as provide the appropriate in-use properties can prove difficult, so the most appropriate rheology modifier system and/or suspension aid is vital to the products expected performance.


Rheology Versatility

keltrolcompareKELTROL CG® is an excellent stabilizer; it pumps and flows well and is very temperature tolerant. Due to its high extensional viscosity, when used in body washing and lotions, this product exhibits a stringy flow and long break.

For formulations that need quick ‘snap’ or break (i.e., lower extensional viscosity), KELTROL CG-SFT is a modified form of KELTROL CG that has a lower extensional viscosity, thereby providing reduced stringiness and a quick break.


soapThe Fluid Gel – an Innovative Suspension System

The uniqueness of KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is the ability to suspend while contributing minimal viscosity via the formation of a uniquely functioning fluid gel network. This network, consisting of a low concentration of weakly associated molecules, is extremely pseudoplastic.

At rest, the fluid gel has a very high apparent viscosity resulting in excellent suspension of insoluble ingredients such as insoluble actives, exfoliants, vitamins and minerals, and a multitude of decorative materials such as glitter. Because of the weak molecular associations, the network is easily disrupted upon agitation, resulting in a low viscosity, smooth pour and pump.


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