CP Kelco is dedicated to offering the products, technical support and quality control required to support pharmaceutical products manufacturers. CP Kelco is a leading manufacturer of CEKOL® cellulose gum (CMC), XANTURAL® xanthan gum and GENU® pectin: nature-based rheology modifiers and functional additives.

Our global scope and supply chain expertise allows these products to serve not only the needs of multi-national providers, but the special needs of local producers as well.

CP Kelco Pharmaceutical Grades have been designed to be economical additives for the performance they provide. All CP Kelco pharmaceutical products meet the requirements for pharmaceutical use by USP/NF, Ph. Eur. and most other pharmacopoeias.

XANTURAL line of xanthan gum stabilizes suspensions of a variety of insoluble materials, such as: barium sulfate (for x-ray diagnoses), complexed dextromethorphan (for cough preparations), and thiabendazole. Other benefits are cling to vertical surfaces (for dentifrice products) and ease of swallowing (for syrups and dysphasia products). XANTURAL xanthan gum is playing an increasingly important role in pharmaceutical controlled release applications, where erosion of the tablet is the primary mechanism of release.

For decades, GENU Pectin has been used as a demulcent and in many bandages designed to promote wound healing. Recent developments with a proprietary product, GENU® pHresh™ Pectin, has been proven to provide excellent skin feel properties and is used to balance skin pH over time.

CP Kelco offers a broad range of purified, modified celluloses under the tradename CEKOL. These products play various roles in pharmaceutical formulations. CEKOL sodium CMC types will act as binder, thickener, stabilizer or film former.

CEKOL sodium carboxymethyl cellulose grades are classified as standard pharmaceutical grades. Many of these can be upgraded on request to special grades.