The FINNFIX® brand is synonymous with the reference to carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Most prominently in coating and surface sizing, FINNFIX is known worldwide as a quality and cost-in-use leader for rheology modifiers and co-binders.

With the continuing emphasis on cost, increasing machine speeds for efficiency, the importance of good rheology and water retention have become essential for good runnability and quality. FINNFIX delivers excellent cost-in-use benefits, and the functions in coating colors are numerous:

  • High water retention capability
  • Advance rheological characteristics
  • Efficient carrying of fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) / optical brightening agents (OBA)
  • Blade lubrication, reducing streaks and scratches
  • Improved material retention, allowing reduction in binder level
  • Good dispersing properties
  • Water solubility at all temperatures
  • Dry addition capability, allowing very high solids coating colors
  • Very low high-shear viscosity, shear-thinning
  • Stable over wide range of pH

FINNFIX, being one of the most versatile co-binders and rheology modifiers in coating formulations for quality papers and functional paperboards, has positive effects on both end paper properties and on-machine coating process. FINNFIX CMC is considered one of the best rheology modifiers, as it provides binding strength and OBA carrying thus reducing the total formulation cost.

Process benefits 

  • Excellent runnability, improving machine speeds and reducing broke
  • Excellent coating color stability
  • Reduced scratching and blade streaks
  • Less misting in film coating applications
  • Wet-end compatible. No issues with coated broke

Quality benefits

  • Excellent printability – less mottling and improved print gloss
  • Improved optical properties – brightness, whiteness, gloss and light fastness
  • Good paper characteristics – smoothness, surface strength
  • More uniform coating structure – improved coverage