Specialty papers not only provide niche opportunities for producers, they also have special needs in production.

CALEXIS® Strength Agents and FINNFIX® CMC are used in several specialty paper grades like:

  • Thermal paper: FINNFIX as coating color additive
  • Label papers: FINNFIX in coating and CALEXIS in wet end
  • Security Paper/Bank note: CALEXIS in the wet end
  • Carbonless Paper: FINNFIX in CB and CF coatings
  • Cigarette Paper: CALEXIS in the wet end

CALEXIS is used successfully in wet end of coated and uncoated specialty paper to improve various paper characteristics and to function as strength and processing aid. CALEXIS, being an anionic macromolecule, is a very effective additive to improve the strength properties of chemical pulp. This increased strength potential can be used to save money through reducing refining energy, improving paper quality or increasing filler content. The improved strength of a CALEXIS system also offers the potential to use weaker or lower cost fibers.

Due to its anionic nature CALEXIS provides possibility for more efficient charge balance control. This improves the overall runnability and furthermore provides optimized conditions for the cationic chemicals, thus enhancing their functionality.

When added before refining CALEXIS protects and dispersed the fibers improving the strength and uniformity of the refining result. Desired strength levels can be reached with less refining, as less damaged fibers provide better strength.

The water retention capability of FINNFIX® CMC reduces migration of the surface sizing solution into the paper allowing both better economical performance and surface characteristics.

As a high performance coating additive, FINNFIX CMC is mechanically stable in high shear conditions and compatible with all common types of coating materials. The effect of FINNFIX is dependent on the pigment system. In clay-based systems, FINNFIX is partly adsorbed to the pigment surface and forms a network structure with the clay and the non-adsorbed FINNFIX. In contrast to this behavior, a weaker physical structure is formed with calcium carbonate systems.

FINNFIX’s flexibility allows for a wide operating window as a rheology modifier, since it allows adjustment of rheological properties to individual formulation design and manufacturing needs. The inherent shear thinning behavior combined with good blade lubrication makes FINNFIX an excellent solution at various speeds and solid contents.

In addition, FINNFIX is one of the most efficient optical brightener carriers available on the market today. FINNFIX enhances the FWA/OBA thus achieving the full fluorescence yield along with a high level of paper whiteness. The carrier efficiency is identical for all FINNFIX products. FINNFIX consistently provides a high whiteness-level and imparts the best light fastness. To get the maximum support for the FWA/OBA, it is important to add a sufficient amount of carrier.