Oral Care

Dental demands are changing. Emerging economies are demanding higher quality products and are expecting improvements in product performance over traditional systems. The needs of consumers today go well beyond that of toothpaste. Products are expected to care for gums, mouth, throat and overall oral hygiene. These new requirements have opened up multiple opportunities for innovation by dental products producers.

CP Kelco is dedicated to offering the product and expertise required to capitalize on these opportunities. CP Kelco manufactures CEKOL® cellulose gum (CMC), KELDENT® xanthan gum, and GENUVISCO® carrageenan, the most commonly used binders in toothpaste.

In addition to offering traditional ingredients for toothpaste formulations, CP Kelco introduced a new ingredient technology in the form of KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum. Our global scope and supply chain expertise allows these products to serve not only the needs of multi-national providers, but the special needs of local producers as well.

CP Kelco Dental Grades have been designed to be the most economical binders for the performance they provide. CEKOL grades have very good water binding properties and provide a thick mouthfeel, as well as very good process versatility and compatibility to a wide variety of formulations and processes. KELDENT has high viscosity at low shear rates and is completely soluble in water. Low viscosity at high shear rates allows KELDENT formulations that are easily pumped. KELDENT is characterized by its very high viscosity at low concentrations. These characteristics are maintained in the presence of salts and surfactants. A complete range of toothpastes, including clear gels and products for sensitive teeth, can be formulated with KELDENT as the sole binder. KELDENT’s rheology is also ideal for producing well-defined stripes.

By using the appropriate GENUVISCO carrageenan product, the formulator can create textures ranging from free-flowing liquids to solid gels. The gel structure of GENUVISCO is shear-reversible (thixotropic), re-building when mixing stops and breaking down to a paste consistency under shear, for example when applied to the teeth. This true gel former gives a gel structure that is easy to break from the tube and provides excellent shape retention on the brush. GENUVISCO additionally provides excellent striping capabilities.

KELCOGEL® CG-LA gellan gum offers benefits in low-water, clear gel formulations, where other binders cause stringiness. Salts present in toothpaste interact with KELCOGEL CG-LA to give a fluid gel – a low viscosity liquid with an appreciable yield stress. Used at a low concentration (typically 0.05%) in conjunction with thickening silica, KELCOGEL CG-LA provides a light, clean mouthfeel and a high flavor impact.

To fine-tune the rheological properties of a formula, our products can be combined to improve shelf-life, gloss or stripe definition, with no adverse interactions. By utilizing the strengths of these binders, toothpastes can be developed with the stability, appearance, and rheology required for success in a competitive market.

Hydrocolloids at a Glance

Good:    Better: ••   Best: •••

Cellulose Gum
Xanthan Gum
Gellan Gum
Stability; water-binding •• ••• ••
Easy extrusion from tube •• ••• ••
Clean cut-off from tube •• •• ••• •••
Shape-retention on brush •• ••• ••• •••
Gloss and smoothness •• ••• •• ••
Stripe-definition ••• •••
Thick, rich mouthfeel ••• •• •••
Stabilized rich foam •• ••• ••
Compatibility with Other Toothpaste Ingredients •• •••
Versatility / Ease of Use ••• ••• ••
Resistance to Enzymes ••• ••• •••
Cost-in-Use ••• •• •• ••