Essential Components for Today’s Demanding Drilling Fluids

Kelco Oil Field Group (KOFG) offers quality products and customer focused technical sales support serving the oil and gas industry. KOFG markets a complete line of nature-based water-based biopolymers and cellulosic polymers, as well as specialty additives designed to add value and improve the functionality of water-based fluids used in drilling, work-over, completion and EOR applications.


Our goal is simple—help develop and promote products and solutions that reduce total well costs while maintaining maximum production potential. We achieve this through cost effective, often customer-specific products, responsive customer service and a dedicated team of sales and technical service personnel.

Formed in 1965, Kelco Oil Field Group introduced xanthan gum commercially to the drilling fluids industry as KELZAN® XC polymer, a unique rheology modifier. Our product portfolio now includes a full range of poly anionic cellulosics (PAC’s) and carboxymethyl cellulosics (CMC’s) as well as other unique biopolymers.

Our long-term commitment to the oil and gas industry has been key to our success and we intend to build on the trust our customers have come to expect of our people, products and services. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Kelco Oil Field Group serves the industry with a global staff of industry specific sales, customer service and technical personnel, including distribution points throughout the world.

Product Applications

Kelco Oil Field Group products are used in these industry segments:

  • Conventional Drilling Fluids
  • Drill-in Fluids
    • Horizontal Drilling
    • Coiled Tubing
    • Gravel Packing
    • Clean-out Fluids
  • Milling Operations
  • Spacer Fluids


Fluids formulated with Kelco Oil Field Group products reduce total well cost through:

  • Enhanced hole cleaning efficiency and suspension properties
  • Increased penetration rates
  • Improved hydraulics by reducing friction pressure losses
  • Improved well bore stability
  • Minimizing formation damage
  • Reducing torque and drag in high angle wells
  • Minimizing fluid disposal costs
  • Reducing transportation costs

Key Applications

Over the decades, KELZAN® XC and KELZAN® XCD Polymer have proven to be industry standards and are globally recognized as reliable viscosiifiers in oil and gas exploration operations. Due to their unique rheological characteristics, these biopolymers provide significant improvements in hole cleaning and suspension properties in drilling, work-over and completion fluids. Our line of carboxymethyl cellulose products, including CELPOL® and FINNFIX® have gained global acceptance as key additives for fluid loss control, shale encapsulation and to supplement viscosity in water based drilling fluids.

For work-over and completion applications where formation damage is a primary concern, the use of XANVIS® and XANVIS® L assures minimal formation damage and maximum production potential from the reservoir.

In cementing applications, GEOVIS® XT with its highly shear-thinning viscosity profile is a key additive in the formulation of cement spacer fluids. Due to its compatibility with a wide range of cements, GEOVIS® XT can be used for water retention and suspension of particles in cement slurries.

KOFG remains dedicated to the development and application of hydrocolloid technology to meet today’s demanding environments and customer needs.

Kelco Oil Field Group sales, marketing, and technical personnel include industry specialists who provide a vital understanding of biopolymers, drilling fluid formulations and applications to optimize fluid performance in the field.

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