Textile Sizing

FINNFIX® CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) is a well-known and respected additive in the Textile Industry.

FINNFIX CMC is the ideal warp-sizing agent for a wide variety of yarns. FINNFIX CMC increases the yarn strength, thereby making it more durable for use on modern, high speed looms. FINNFIX provides good water solubility, excellent film forming and very stable solution viscosities.

CP Kelco’s range of purified FINNFIX CMC grades allow the most suitable product to be chosen; depending on yarn type, weave and loom. Typically, medium- to low-viscosity grades are used, depending on the dimensions of the yarn. When sizing synthetic yarn blends (polyester and cotton), FINNFIX CMC is often used in combination with a synthetic sizing agent such as polyvinyl alcohol to provide the desired degree of added size film adhesion.

Advantages of using FINNFIX CMC in Textile Sizing

  • Easy and clean size preparation.
  • Can be used as a cold size.
  • Clean size box and pipelines, no gel deposits formed.
  • Stable size viscosity at any desired temperature.
  • No skinning and/or foaming in the size box.
  • Strong and flexible film resulting in less warp stops.
  • Desizing with water wash only (hot or cold), no enzymatic desizing required.
  • Warps can be woven at lower relative humidity.

Carpet Printing

KELZAN® xanthan gum can be used in the jet printing processes for carpet coloration to thicken the print paste, thereby controlling the print definition and the penetration of paste into the pile. One of the advantages of using KELZAN xanthan gum is that it is not degraded by repeated passes through the machine.