Construction and Building Products

CP Kelco offers a range of water-soluble hydrocolloids that can be used by the construction industry to impart a range of useful and often unique properties to mixed formulations.

KELCO-CRETE® diutan gum is a unique and highly efficient viscosity modifying admixture agent that is useful in highly workable and fluid cement and gypsum-based systems, such as Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), self-levelling mixes and underlayments, grouts and mortars.

KELCO-CRETE functionality allows the formulation of fluid yet stable and homogeneous mixes. KELCO-CRETE provides greater control of mix performance against variable conditions, such as site temperature and humidity, and raw material quality variations such as aggregate grading, sand moisture content, etc.

KELCO-CRETE is compatible with all types of cements (Ordinary Portland cement, high alumina cement, etc.) and admixtures, including the major chemical families of superplasticiser, namely those based on polycarboxylate, sulphonated naphthalene and sulphonated melamine chemistry.

The unique combination of highly shear thinning rheology with excellent compatibility with a wide range of other components makes KELCO-CRETE a novel and economic solution to mix design, especially of highly fluid and workable products.

The CELLUFIX® and FINNFIX® grades of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) are excellent rheology modifiers and can be used in a range of applications to thicken, control water and improve functionality. Some typical applications include latex-based plasters and putties, filling compounds, coatings and adhesives. The high water retention of the products compared to other cellulose derivatives provides excellent open time and workability. The dissolution characteristics make both products easy to handle for both ready-made plasters and putties as well as dry mixes.

The KELZAN® xanthan gum range of products offer the formulator a way to include a highly shear thinning rheology into a product. This is useful in a wide range of applications such as pigment suspensions, water-based metal and timber treatments and adhesives.