FINNFIX® CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) and KELZAN® Xanthan Gum are well known additives in different segments of the ceramic industry. The viscosifying, plasticizing and suspending properties of these products make them ideal ingredients for consistent, predictable performance.

Glaze or Engobe
FINNFIX CMC is an excellent rheology modifier for glazes and engobes. Via the available FINNFIX CMC grades, the viscosity can be selected to suit performance needs. A certain level of viscosity is needed to prevent sedimentation, however, too high viscosity will cause an uneven surface (although sometimes desired).

FINNFIX CMC is also known to be a very good water retention agent. FINNFIX CMC retains the water in the glaze, resulting in a very controlled drying process. The controlled drying of the glaze will minimize glaze defects and thus production losses.

KELZAN xanthan gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide derived from a fermentation process. KELZAN is ideally suited for use in ceramic glazes, as it provides the following processing advantages:

  • Regulated drying rate. By helping control the drying time of the glaze, the ceramic body can be handled within seconds after the glaze is applied.
  • Improved suspension. KELZAN holds insoluble particles in uniform suspension for long periods of time and prevents excessive settling and packing of glaze solids under normal storage and handling conditions. Because KELZAN effectively maintains viscosity control over time, the shelf life of ceramic glazes may be extended.
  • Reduced incidence of product imperfections. A glaze with KELZAN will cover small imperfections in the ceramic body, due to the swelling of KELZAN during initial firing and by its pseudoplastic rheology.
  • Increased glaze adhesion. KELZAN helps to distribute the glaze evenly and then hold the glaze on the ceramic body.
  • Reduced time required for grinding operations. The ability of KELZAN to prevent glaze particles from agglomerating may help promote faster grinding time.
  • Compatibility. Stabilization may be provided for a wide variety of glaze formulations. KELZAN is compatible with all ingredients used in ceramic glazes.

Clinkers & Bricks
FINNFIX CMC is used in brick extrusion to improve plasticity and green strength. In this way FINNFIX prevents production losses due to cracking and breaking of the bricks and clinkers.

FINNFIX is also used to adjust clay viscosity when the clay is too wet.

FINNFIX can be used in electrical porcelain as temporary binder/plasticizer and in tableware as plasticizer/viscosifier.