Liquid Cleaners and Polishes

Despite competition from powders and wipes, liquids remain the predominant form for most household cleaning products. Water-based liquid cleaners are easy to use, versatile, environmentally acceptable and safe. Product lines can be extended through innovative formulation and packaging.

KELZAN® xanthan gum products are nature-based, water-soluble biopolymers used in household cleaners as specialty thickeners and stabilizing agents. KELZAN functions as a hydrophilic colloid to thicken, suspend and stabilize water-based systems. The pseudoplastic rheology of KELZAN is especially useful in systems involving suspensions.

Most cleaners must have a high viscosity at rest in order to cling to vertical surfaces and not settle on storage. At the same time, they must have a low viscosity when squirted or pumped from a nozzle or wiped away. The pseudoplastic rheology of KELZAN is especially useful in systems where dual-functionality is required. Product incorporating KELZAN exhibit:

  • Rapid coverage of large surface areas
  • Enhanced cling to vertical and inclined surfaces
  • Prolonged action of active ingredients on the surface
  • Prolonged fragrance release
  • Prevents settling of abrasive particles in storage
  • High functionality at low concentration
  • Easy application from the bottle
  • Removal by flushing, rinsing or wiping
  • Easy to mix and fill into bottles
  • No interferance with the performance of the cleaning agent

KELZAN xanthan gum products are compatible with most household cleaners ingredients and are available in a range of products to enhance the performance of many types of liquid cleaners and polishes.

  • KELZAN ASX = Designed for acidic cleaners and is very acid stable. Excellent efficiency due to long term viscosity stability.
  • KELZAN BT = Hydrate into high ionic conditions
  • KELZAN AR = Specifically designed for high alkaline environments like oven cleaners and drain cleaners
  • KELZAN RD = Ease of processing and dispersability
  • KELZAN AP = Enhanced hydration rate, superior viscosity and improved surface cling

KELCOGEL Gellan Gum and the “Fluid Gels” concept opens the door for functional and asthetic inclusions in cleaners and liquids – without sacrificing flow. KELCOGEL gellan gum has been created to be used as a unique suspending agent. The uniqueness of gellan gum is the ability to suspend while contributing minimal viscosity via the formation of a uniquely functioning fluid gels solutions with a weak gel structure. They exhibit an apparent yield stress, i.e., a finite stress which must be exceeded before the system will flow. These systems are very good at suspending particulate matter since, provided the stress exerted by the action of gravity on the particles is less than the yield stress, the suspension will remain stable.

Gellan gum fluid gels have a high low-shear viscosity, providing remarkable suspending properties at low gum concentrations. With highly pseudoplastic, or shear thinning flow properties, application of an external shear reduces the apparent viscosity significantly. Fluid gels made from gellan gum also have a true yield stress which imparts excellent suspension properties.