Air Freshener Gels

Despite the introduction of candles and electrical devices, water-based air freshener gels remain an important product format within the air care market.

For the consumer, gels are safe and simple to use, and release fragrance over an extended period of time. Through the creative use of gel technology and packaging, products can be offered in visually attractive as well as more utilitarian formats.

CP Kelco, the leading manufacturer of polysaccharide gelling agents for a wide variety of applications, offers a range of products specially designed for air freshener gels. GENUGEL® carrageenan is a well established name in the industry, and in recent years new products have been introduced to extend the product’s functionality. In addition, customers have recognized the unique combination of features provided by KELCOGEL® gellan gum.

By using the appropriate GENUGEL® or GENUVISCO® carrageenan products, the formulator can create rheological profiles ranging from free-flowing liquids to thixotropic liquid gels and self-supporting solid gels with a wide range of textures, setting temperatures and melting temperatures. With a single carrageenan product, a range of viscosities and gel strengths can be obtained by adjusting other ingredients in the formulation.

Low acyl KELCOGEL products form hard, non-elastic, brittle gels. High acyl types form soft, very elastic, non-brittle gels. Varying the ratios of the two forms of gellan gum produces a wide variety of textures.

Factors to consider when selecting a gelling agent for an air freshener system:

  • Syneresis Control
  • Texture
  • Clarity
  • Melting Temperature
  • Hydration Temperature
  • Hot Viscosity
  • Setting Temperature