GENU® Carrageenan

GENU® Carrageenan products are a family of sulphated polysaccharides extracted from certain species of red seaweed – Rhodophyceae.

GENU® carrageenans have an established position within the food industry as high-quality uniform gelling and texturizing agents. Key application areas for GENU carrageenans include dairy systems, beverages, vegetarian foods, meat and poultry products and water jellies.

GENULACTA® carrageenans find application in milk systems, GENUGEL® carrageenans are used in water systems, and GENUVISCO® carrageenans are used as thickening/stabilizing agents.

GENUTINE® carrageenan is a line of products based on patented processing technology that allows a range of gelatin-like textures for dessert gels, confectionery and dairy systems.

By using the appropriate carrageenan product, the formulator can create textures ranging from free-flowing liquids to solid gels. In addition to standard types, CP Kelco works in conjunction with customers to develop new products and formulations for specific applications.

  • Kappa carrageenan forms firm gels in the presence of potassium ions.
  • Iota carrageenan forms elastic gels and thixotropic fluids in the presence of calcium ions.
  • Lambda carrageenan forms viscous, non-gelling solutions.