CEKOL® Cellulose Gum

CEKOL® Cellulose Gum represents a highly purified range of cellulose gums obtained from nature-based cellulose. It is manufactured through a reaction of cellulose with monochloroacetic acid yielding carboxymethyl cellulose which is a water soluble stabilizer and thickener widely used in food applications.

CEKOL cellulose gum is stable over a wide pH range and can be used in both neutral and acidic products. Excellent stabilization of dairy and soy proteins in acidic dairy products can be achieved with cellulose gum leading to improved shelf life.

All CEKOL grades have a purity of minimum 99.5% and fully comply with FCC and BP/EP/USP regulations. CEKOL cellulose gum can be labeled as ‘cellulose gum’ or E466 in the EU and as ‘cellulose gum’ in the U.S.A.