Spoonable Yoghurt

How can you improve a food, which as been made for over 4,500 years, that is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 & B12?

How can you create a product that can be combined with different flavours and fruits, is child friendly and can be served in various packages?

What if you could create more appealing textures ,
What if you could deliver more appealing flavour profiles ,
What if you could create a range of textures, from soft to firm, via the use of all nature-based*, organic* label friendly ingredients.

You Can with CP Kelco’s range of ingredients, designed to provide yoghurt producers improved manufacturing flexibility and improved finished product quality.

CP Kelco has combined the ideal product offering with technical capabilities, enabling the creation of high-quality spoonable yoghurt products that address the needs of today’s consumers. CP Kelco products add mouthfeel (body), viscosity, gelling, reduction of syneresis (whey-off) and cost optimization opportunities for both fruit-on-the-bottom and mixed fruit yoghurts.

Hydrocolloids make it possible to produce consumer appealing yogurt with consistent and uniform quality.

GENU® Pectin:

Specific GENU Low Methoxyl Amidated (LMA) pectin and Low Methoxyl Conventional (LMC) pectin types specifically designed for yoghurt applications to:

  • reduce syneresis
  • reduce/replace milk solids
  • increase body and viscosity
  • improve creaminess
  • supports nature-based or organic label claims
  • designed to enhance gelatin and/or starch based systems

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum:

When used in either set or stirred fat-free yoghurts, KELCOGEL F (low acyl gellan gum) contributes to the following:

  • smooth texture and good body
  • good sheen
  • stability against syneresis
  • supports nature-based or organic label claims

SIMPLESSE® Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate:

SIMPLESSE is a nature-based, multifunctional dairy ingredient made from whey protein concentrate that undergoes a unique proprietary microparticulation process.

The SIMPLESSE microparticles:

  • provide a smooth, creamy texture without chalkiness or graininess
  • range in size from 0.1 to 3 microns and are spherical and deformable; much like fat globules

The combination of these factors enhances creaminess and smoothness. Additionally, SIMPLESSE microparticles refract light and, therefore, contribute opacity. This makes SIMPLESSE the preferred option in fat extension or fat replacement systems.

In addition, CP Kelco hydrocolloids are widely used in fruit preparations for yoghurt.

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