Water Desserts

Though a mature product segment, Water Desserts nonetheless have undergone an amazing transformation in recent times, led largely by the consumers need for convenience. Parents look for a fun convenient lunch box treat for their children or for themselves at work, with an eye towards appealing flavour, easy to use packaging and even products that provide nutritional benefits, such as the addition of fiber, fruit pieces or vitamin and mineral fortification.

CP Kelco brings innovation to our customers by providing unique textures, the ability to suspend large fruit pieces, create extremely bright and clear gels, or double – even triple – layered products.

Words commonly used to describe Water Dessert Jellies are brittleness, cohesiveness, elastic, creamy, sticky, firm, wobbling, syneresis, easy demoulding, first bite or cut through and hard or soft gels. One word to describe these attributes is “TEXTURE”. Across the globe, consumer texture profiles are extremely diverse, as are the many different hydrocolloids used to meet these consumer textural preferences. Commonly more than just a single hydrocolloid is required in order to create a unique gel. Whether it is for Dessert Jelly powders, Shelf Stable or Chilled, Drinkable and/or Squeezable jellies, CP Kelco is well positioned to provide solutions to customers utilizing our broad spectrum of specialty hydrocolloids and application expertise that provide dialed-in textures and characteristics our customer’s desire.

GENU® Carrageenan based systems

Carrageenan is a polysaccharide, extracted from red seaweed. The selection of high quality seaweed species combined with CP Kelco processing know-how enables us to offer a complete range of highly refined GENU® Carrageenan products.

GENUGEL® and GENUTINE® Carrageenans provide numerous possibilities for customized textures and offer the following advantages:

  • Fast gelation that reduces processing time in the industrial production of RTC water dessert jellies or allows a quick domestic creation of a delicious dessert or snack from a water jelly powder
  • Impeccable brightness and clarity supporting the general appeal of the water jelly
  • No taste or flavour contribution which, combined with excellent flavour release, allow easy and minimal use of flavour additives
  • Controlled syneresis that allows the manufacturer to play with the delicate balance between too much and no syneresis (depending on the needs)
  • The high melting point makes GENU® Carrageenans, an ideal choice in hot climates

A characterizing property of our GENU® Carrageenan products is the diverse textures a formulator can achieve, using the differing Carrageenan types: Kappa, Iota, Kappa-Iota Hybrids or in combination with other Hydrocolloids like Refined Locust Bean Gum.

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is functional at extremely low use levels and is capable of providing very clear firm brittle gels which exhibit excellent flavour release at first bite and are exceptionally heat stable – an important consideration when formulating a double layered dessert jelly. When used in combination with Xanthan Gum and Refined Locust Bean gum, it can provide soft elastic gels that can suspend fruit pieces or particulates in a uniformed transparent gel.

GENU® Pectin

GENU® Pectins used in Water Desserts Jellies exhibit an exceptionally soft creamy texture that delivers a very fruity rich and indulgent texture. It is quite different from a typical Carrageenan or Gellan Gum water jelly and provides exceptional eating qualitiy whether consumed at ambient or chilled conditions. Pectin water jellies can also be thixotropic making it ideal for the bottom layer in a fruit trifle. The thixotropic properties also allow the product to be pumpable and permit cold filling.

KELTROL® Xanthan Gum

Whilst not providing a gel as a single ingredient, when used in combination with Refined Locust Bean Gum (R-LBG) in isolation, or when combined with R-LBG and KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum, KELTROL can minimize the affects of synerisis in water jellies. Transparent grade KELTROL T Xanthan gum should be selected where transparent gels are desired.

GENU® GUM Refined Locust Bean Gum

Refined-LBG has a synergistic affect with Carrageenan and Xanthan gum providing elastic textures. RLBG with Kappa Carrageenan combination result in the characteristic firm and elastic texture as experienced by most consumers of water gels in the world. CP Kelco’s Refined-LBG is a high quality LBG which provide excellent clarity to water gel without black specks.

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