CP Kelco has an extensive range of carrageenan and texturizing products for the processed meat, poultry and seafood industries.

The use of GENU® carrageenan and GENU® Texturizer carrageenan blends in processed meat, poultry and seafood products gives a range of consumer and manufacturing benefits by improving:

  • Yield
  • Consistency
  • Sliceability
  • Spreadability
  • Cohesiveness
  • Eating qualities such as juiciness and flavor

and by decreasing:

  • Purge (Drip loss, freeze-thaw loss, cooking loss, and reheating loss)
  • Fat content
  • Slicing loss
  • Protein loss

The primary types of carrageenan used are kappa carrageenan and iota carrageenan.

Kappa carrageenan
By using a kappa carrageenan, which provides a very firm gel structure, the processed product will, when cool, show very good sliceability and adhesion resulting from the gel network of the carrageenan, combined with the water-soluble meat proteins.

Iota carrageenan
By using iota carrageenan alone, or in combination with kappa carrageenan or lambda carrageenan, very soft spreadable textures can be created. Thus, it is possible to produce low fat emulsified products such as pates, spreads and sausages. In addition, iota carrageenan demonstrates excellent freeze/thaw stability.

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