Fruit Based Products

The role of stabilizers in the fruit processing industry is to provide consumer appealing textures, and uniform fruit distribution during manufacturing and subsequent transportation. In addition, the stabilizer should not adversely affect the flavour release and colour of the product. Stabilizers can also be used to impart heat stability and pumpability in bakery fillings, thermo-reversibility in bakery glazes, and starch reduction/replacement in both yoghurt fruit preparations and bakery fillings.

GENU® pectin is well recognized and respected in the fruit processing industry, both for its tailored performance in specified applications and for its consistent quality from batch to batch. GENU pectin is widely used in retail and industrial products for gelation, viscosity, fruit particle suspension, syneresis control, bake stability, pumpability, thermo-reversibility, spreadability and most recently “squeezeability.”

KELCOGEL® gellan gum is often used in industrial fruit applications such as bake stable fillings and in yoghurt fruit preparations. Features and attributes include low use-level, excellent flavour release, and no impact on colour.

KELTROL® xanthan gum can be used in processed fruit products to help combat syneresis and help modify texture. Applications include low sugar jams and bakery fillings.

Retail Fruit Products

High Solids Jam, Jelly, Marmalade and Preserves:

For jams, jellies, marmalades or preserves containing 60-70% soluble solids and having a pH of 2.9 – 3.4, GENU high ester (HM) pectins are ideal gelling agents based on their strong affinity to gel under these conditions. CP Kelco has an extensive portfolio of GENU HM pectin grades suited for high solids jams, jellies or preserves depending on the filling temperature, container size, pH and soluble solids.

Low Solids Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, Preserves and Fruit Spreads:

For jams, jellies, preserves or fruit spreads containing 20-55% soluble solids and having a pH of 2.9 – 3.4, GENU low ester (LM) pectins are ideal gelling agents based on their strong affinity to gel under these conditions and in the presence of fruit. Low Ester Conventional pectin (LMC pectin) grades typically support organic or nature-based label claims. Low Ester Amidated pectin (LMA pectin) grades typically have a broader flexibility to changes in soluble solids or calcium levels. CP Kelco has an extensive portfolio of GENU LM pectin grades which are suited for low solids jams, jellies, preserves or fruit spreads depending on your soluble solids, desired texture, pH and filling temperature.

In cases where syneresis is problematic, KELTROL xanthan gum can help combat the problem without affecting the flavour or colour.

(In many countries, pectin is the only permitted gelling agent which can be used in products labeled as “jam”, “jelly”, “preserve”, or “marmalade”. In some countries, labeling standards can further apply to products containing a specific percentage of soluble solids. For clarification on labeling, please consult your local legislation.)

Fruit Sauces and Fruit Desserts:

GENU pectin is also ideal for use in fruit sauces such as ice cream topping sauces, coulis, or fruit curds, and in fruit desserts such as compotes or dessert gels contain fruit. The type of pectin used in these application is primarily dependant on the percentage soluble solids, pH and desired texture.

Industrial Fruit Products

Yoghurt Fruit Preparations:

GENU pectins are widely used in fruit preparations which are combined with yoghurt, either fruit on the bottom style or swiss style yoghurts. Controlling the viscosity (typically measured as Bostwick) and equilibrating the fruit preparation with the yoghurt are critical to a quality end product while considering the type of filling container and filling temperature. CP Kelco has an extensive portfolio of GENU pectin grades designed for yoghurt fruit applications.

CP Kelco has also designed a texturizer system based on KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum. KELCOGEL is an economic replacement for starch in yoghurt fruit preparations, giving excellent fruit distribution as well as improved flavor release versus a predominantly starch containing formulation.

Bakery Fillings:

GENU pectin is ideal for post bake fruit fillings such as jam for donuts, layer cake fillings and sandwich cookie fillings.
Both GENU pectin and KELCOGEL gellan gum can be used to provide excellent bake stability to products such as pie pilings, cookie fillings, fruit fillings for breakfast bars and fillings for sweet goods. The choice of product often depends on the desired bake stability, % soluble solids, and processing conditions.

KELTROL xanthan gum can also be used in bakery fillings to help modify the texture and help with syneresis control.

Bakery Glazes:

GENU LMA pectin is suited for use in bakery glazes due to its thermo-reversible nature. GENU HM pectin is often used in instant flan glazing jellies. CP Kelco has specific GENU pectin grades tailored for the production of bakery glazes.

Variegating Ripples and Topping Sauces:

GENU pectin is also used in variegating sauces (ripples) for ice cream, and in fruit topping sauces for ice cream, cheese cake and similar type products. The type of pectin used in these application is primarily dependant on the percentage soluble solids, the pH and the desired texture.

When it comes to Fruit Based Products, CP Kelco has extensive in-house expertise and lab capabilities, supported with superior Field Technical Service and Sales Representatives. When you think Fruit Based Products, think CP Kelco and think GENU® pectin, KELCOGEL® gellan gum and KELTROL® xanthan gum.


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