CP Kelco offers a broad range of hydrocolloids as single ingredients or multi-component systems that provide unique functional benefits across a broad spectrum of applications within the Dairy category. Utilizing CP Kelco’s technical expertise and application knowledge, we are well positioned to provide formulary and application process recommendations, with particular emphasis on how best to use our suite of hydrocolloids and blended systems, notably for end-product stabilization, suspension of inclusions and particulates, textural and sensory attributes (such as thickening, viscosity, melting and mouthfeel benefits), as well as providing shelf-stability and visual appeal at retail shelf level. Within the Dairy category our core application product focus areas are: Yoghurt (both Spoonable and Drinking variants), Flavoured Milk Drinks, Fruit Juice Milk Drinks, Chilled and Frozen Desserts, Creams, Processed Cheese and Yellow Spreads, where our broad hydrocolloid portfolio provides for a multitude of application options, features and benefits.

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