Confectionery Products

CP Kelco ingredients can be used in a broad range of confectionery products, including gummy and chewy confections, aerated confections and marshmallows, confectionery jellies, jelly beans, fruit leathers, caramels, fondants, pastes and liquid centers/fillings.

The role of CP Kelco ingredients in confectionery products includes gelling, texture optimization (when combined with other gelling agents such as gelatine), decrease of storing/conditioning time, exceptional heat stability, sparkling clarity and outstanding flavor release. In addition, CP Kelco ingredients can be used to produce confections which are gelatin-free, all nature-based, Kosher, Halal and vegetarian.

GENU® pectin is used in confectionery products because of its excellent flavour release, unique texture, low pH stability, ability to increase the heat stability of the finished confection, and nature-based image.

GENU high ester pectin (HM pectin) is mainly used for fruit flavoured products, where the acidity enhances most fruit flavours. The pectin is used within the confectionery industry for making fruit jellies, jelly centers and wine gums. In wine gum formulations it is often combined with gelatine. It is also used for aerated products together with whipping agents.

GENU low ester pectin (LM pectin) can gel at higher pH than HM pectin and is used for non-fruit flavoured jellies and centres (e.g., peppermint and cinnamon flavoured products).

KELCOGEL® gellan gum is a multifunctional gelling agent. It is a water soluble polysaccharide produced by the aerobic fermentation of the micro-organism Sphingomonas elodea.

The features and benefits of using KELCOGEL gellan gum in confectionery products include:

  • Reduced hot viscosity
  • Excellent gel clarity
  • Short texture
  • Stronger gels with glucose or fructose versus sucrose
  • Excellent flavour release
  • Rapid setting is possible
  • Reduction of set time in starch based candies
  • Varying the texture of other gelling agents
  • Can form neutral or acid jelly sweets

GENUTINE® carrageenan is a patented CP Kelco specialty carrageenan created to enable new texture possibilities. The features of GENUTINE carrageenan in confectionery products are numerous and include:

  • Plant origin
  • Gelatine like textures
  • Chewy and elastic textures
  • Improved heat stability of the finished confection
  • Starchless moulding
  • Fast gelation
  • Fast demoulding
  • Nature-based image

If you are a confectionery producer in search of quality ingredients, a high level of service and support, product or process improvements, an alternative to gelatin, or the ability to create a novel confectionery product, CP Kelco has a solution for you.

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