Sugar Reduction? It’s on everyone’s mind.

Reformulating to address sugar reduction is a top priority for almost every food and beverage manufacturer. Sugar taxes, new labeling requirements and increasing consumer demands for healthier products are all factors.

The formulation challenges faced by manufacturers of sugar-sweetened foods and beverages aren’t simple to address – but with CP Kelco’s specialty hydrocolloid solutions and technical expertise, food scientists can create low- and no-sugar formulations that meet consumer expectations and also present opportunities for breakthrough innovation.

Life is getting sweeter, and it’s at a cost.

In recent years, leading health experts and media reports have brought attention to a linkage between excessive sugar consumption and weight gain, pointing to sugar as a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic worldwide.1 According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one-third (36.5%) of adults in the US are obese;2 in addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.3

Declining health and a rapid rise in obesity has placed a burden on public health; governments have seen this as an opportunity to get involved and influence awareness, attitudes, skills, preferences and behaviors around food, diet and nutrition.

Many governments are introducing or considering taxes and levies to encourage food and beverage manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their products.

Reformulating for sugar reduction should now be the norm.

Beverage manufacturers have been closely monitoring the health issues associated with sugar, and some are committing to significantly reduce sugar in their beverage portfolios over the coming years.

Consumers have already begun shifting their preferences and purchases to low- or no-sugar drinks. They want healthier, nature-based alternatives but they don’t want to sacrifice the great taste and texture they know and love in foods and beverages.

Full sugar products remain very popular with consumers despite their caloric impact. However, as new labeling laws and sugar taxes emerge in various regions, beverage makers need to be proactive and responsive.

Hello Hydrocolloids! They’re our specialty.

Reformulation has its challenges. Replacing sugar is not a matter of simple substitution with another sweetener. Sugar does more than just add calories; it imparts sensory properties such as “body,” “mouthfeel” and “weight,” enabling a more pleasant tasting beverage. Also, using high intensity sweeteners to replace sugar in beverages can create an aftertaste that may not be desirable.

CP Kelco is here to help. We produce a wide range of hydrocolloids that enable reformulation of products so consumers can give up sugar without giving up the satisfaction of a full-sugar beverage.

Which one is right for you?

GENU® Pectin is a preferred choice to reduce sugar and recover mouthfeel in fruit-based beverages. This well-known product is derived from nature-based occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. GENU Pectin provides body and mouthfeel in fruit juice products when used at levels of around 0.2%. When consumed, a reduced-sugar beverage containing GENU Pectin can have a mouthfeel which mimics its full-sugar counterpart as well as an enhanced fruity flavor.

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum offers unique suspension properties in drinks via the formation of a fluid gel network. This extremely pseudoplastic network consists of a low concentration of weakly associated molecules. At rest, KELCOGEL Gellan Gum provides a weak gel structure, resulting in excellent suspension of insoluble ingredients such as minerals, fruit pulp and eye-catching inclusions. Due to the weak molecular associations, the structure is easily disrupted upon agitation, resulting in low viscosity when pouring the drink and a completely nature-based sensation when it’s consumed.

KELTROL® Xanthan Gum has a highly pseudoplastic flow behavior that provides high viscosities at low shear rates to help improve suspension, while still providing good flow properties when poured. The slight increase in viscosity imparts the sensation of enhanced body which is ideal for cordials and sugar-free or reduced sugar juice drinks. Due to its molecular structure, KELTROL Xanthan Gum has excellent pH stability, down to pH 2.7 that allows high tolerance to the high-acid environment of fruit-based system.

CEKOL® Cellulose Gum is a cold water soluble polymer which imparts viscosity to aqueous solutions. Produced in a wide range of viscosity grades, CEKOL Cellulose Gum can produce a flow that ranges from thin, almost Newtonian when simple body is desired, to higher pseudoplastic viscosity that produces a thicker mouthfeel, such as mango or guava drinks.

What are you waiting for?

Let our innovation and technical expertise bring the benefits of hydrocolloids to your reformulation challenges and opportunities. Reduce or even replace sugar without compromising on mouthfeel and texture. CP Kelco can show you how.

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Obesity statistics:

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