KELTROL® Xanthan Gum

The Standard for Thickening and Stabilizing: KELTROL Xanthan Gum

The composition and structure of xanthan gum produced by commercial fermentation is identical to the nature-based occurring polysaccharide formed by Xanthomonas campestris on plants belonging to the cabbage family.

Low pH Stability: KELTROL, due to its molecular structure, has excellent pH stability – down to pH 2.8.

Body and Mouthfeel: KELTROL’s pseudoplastic flow behavior provides high viscosities at low shear rates to improve suspension and emulsification, and low viscosities at high shear rates give good flow properties when poured. The slight increase in viscosity resulting from very low use levels imparts the sensation of enhanced body.

Excellent Flavor Release: KELTROL’s high degree of pseudoplasticity means the beverage will have body, but not mask the flavor system, resulting in excellent flavor ‘pop’ as designed.