GENU® Pectin

The Nature-Based Choice

GENU® Pectins are polysaccharides derived from nature-based occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. Pectin is well known by consumers and accepted as label friendly. The major commercial raw material source is citrus peel, although CP Kelco also produces pectin derived from sugar beets.

Reducing Sugar/Recovering Mouthfeel: Formulating with GENU Pectin is an excellent way to obtain enhanced mouthfeel when reducing sugar in fruit flavor beverages. GENU pectin’s unique physical and rheological properties allows the ability to recover body lost when removing sugar, without merely adding back viscosity. Such beverages will exhibit the expected properties of a full-sugar product without all the calories.

Protein Protection: Stabilization of protein-containing drinks at pH ~4.0, such as smoothies and other milk-juice drinks, is a perfect fit for YM grades of GENU pectin. These grades are specifically designed to associate with proteins in the pH range of 3.8 – 4.2, and protect the proteins from aggregation, even during heat treatment.