GENU® Carrageenan

The Truly Multi-Functional Hydrocolloid

GENU® Carrageenan products are a family of polysaccharides from select species of red seaweed – Rhodophyceae. A characterizing property of GENULACTA® Carrageenan is its ability to interact with proteins at low use levels to give various effects such as viscosity increase and protein stabilization in neutral pH protein beverages.

GENUVISCO® Carrageenans are widely used to stabilized organic soy-milks, as well as provide mouthfeel and instant high viscosity to typical dry cocoa powder mix beverages.

Protein Stabilization: In dairy and soy milk beverages, GENU® Carrageenan forms a low-viscosity aqueous gel within which casein micelles, fat globules, and other possible particulates (like cocoa powder or insoluble calcium), are entangled and thus providing suspension.

Manipulating Mouthfeel: By using the appropriate GENU® Carrageenan, the formulator can create beverage textures ranging from light and free-flowing, to rich and indulgent qualities.