CEKOL® Cellulose Gum

Formulation Flexibility for Mouthfeel Enhancement

CEKOL® Cellulose Gum is a highly-purified, cold water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose. For beverages, CEKOL is a versatile, cost-effective way to add viscosity. CEKOL is produced in a wide range of viscosity grades, with resulting flow properties ranging from nearly-Newtonian to pseudoplastic. Depending on the grade, CEKOL can have either thixotropic or non-thixotropic rheology. This diversity allows beverages to be formulated for a syrup-like mouthfeel or just to add a bit of viscosity.

Rapid Hydration: CEKOL cellulose gum is very quick to hydrate and so is an excellent choice for powdered soft drinks and hot chocolate.

Protein Stabilization: CEKOL cellulose gum can help stabilize certain proteins and lead to a more stable beverage at lower pH values and/or when heated. CEKOL is best used with proteins in the pH range 4.2 or higher.