Powdered Drink Mixes

Powdered beverage dry mixes are a diverse application segment that contains products such as fruit flavoured powdered soft drinks (PSD’s), hot cocoa mixes, cappuccino mixes, powdered meal replacement and protein shake mixes. This is an attractive consumer products segment because it typically requires less costly production equipment, reduced transportation costs [since you’re not shipping fluid], and no need for refrigerated transport or storage.

In fruit flavoured powdered soft drinks, the primary functionality of hydrocolloids is to increase the viscosity of the prepared beverage, thereby enhancing the drinking experience. KELTROL® xanthan gum, CEKOL® cellulose gum and GENU® pectin can all be used due to their cold water solubility and acid stability; the choice is usually determined based on desired finished product viscosity. The other important consideration is the particle size (mesh size) of the gum / stabilizer; this should be of similar size to the other ingredients in the formulation – a fine mesh grade is optimal to ensure rapid hydration.

In hot cocoa mixes, cappuccino mixes, powdered meal replacement products and protein shake mixes, gums are used to increase the viscosity and to provide temporary stabilization of proteins and other insoluble particles.

CEKOL cellulose gum, GENUVISCO® carrageenan and KELTROL xanthan gum are excellent choices due to their stability within this pH range and hot or cold water stability. The choice primarily depends on the desired mouthfeel. In addition, SIMPLESSE® microparticulated whey protein concentrate can be used to impart a creamy mouthfeel, provide opacity, and as an added protein source.


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