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Specially designed CALEXIS® grades help manufacturers maximize the strength potential of their wet-end papermaking products. This increased strength allows cost optimizations, such as using lower-cost fibers with cheaper filler content.

Furthermore, CALEXIS® CMC supports the retention of cationic chemicals (i.e., cationic starch, wet strength resins), which leads to higher strength levels and to optimized use of the chemicals. CALEXIS products can also be used to balance the charges in the wet end ensuring good runnability on the paper or board machine.

The oilfield CALEXIS® products are technical grade polyanionic celluloses. These CALEXIS® grades have unique chemical properties, which allow them to be used for fluid loss control, shale inhibition, and as a supplemental viscosifier in drilling fluids, fracturing fluids, and workover and completion fluids. These products can be used in a wide variety of water-based systems, ranging from freshwater to seawater and salt-saturated fluid systems.

CAS Registry Number: 9004-32-4
Functions Charge Control Fluid Loss Control Shale Inhibition Strength Retention of Cationic Additives Viscosifier