Excellent runnability, overall efficiency and reliable and consistent product quality, coupled with an overarching need for cost savings remain the universal key drivers for successful paper and board manufacturing. From the wet end, through coating, finishing and winding, these parameters drive papermaker development decisions around the globe.

CP Kelco knows paper. We offer a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients, including superior, well-known brands specially developed for the paper and paperboard industry to meet specific machine configuration, market preferences and economic demands. Our solutions are among the most widely used in the world. Unlock opportunity by working with our experts to optimize your products’ functionality and performance.

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Surface Treatment

Ideal agent choices made specifically for the paper industry, higher manufacturing efficiency and continuous technology innovation make CP Kelco an ideal choice to work with to achieve even surface structures and good printability.

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Strength Enhancement

We offer superior strengthening agents to improve efficiency, machine performance and multiple end- product benefits.

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