Unique Capabilities

Technological Excellence

Every CP Kelco product is backed by decades of experience in the development and application of hydrocolloids. Our dedicated teams of product specialists and scientists work with customers to ensure that all CP Kelco products meet the customer’s needs for functionality and value. The skills and expertise we bring to all customer relationships set CP Kelco apart from our competitors. Through investment in our application-based Centers of Excellence around the world, we remain at the forefront of hydrocolloid research and development. Our scientists and engineers work daily with customers to select the appropriate ingredients for specific needs and to adapt manufacturing processes to optimize functionality.


CP Kelco abides by a single global quality standard that does not vary by production location or customer. We see consistent, defect-free, high-performance products as our opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and create sustainable value. Quality improvement and food safety performance guidelines ensure that all CP Kelco facilities and products meet minimum mandatory quality and regulatory requirements.

CP Kelco ensures product quality by systematically monitoring process improvement, promoting the use of Six Sigma-Lean tools and driving improvement and cost reduction throughout our operations. We build superior performance by adhering to global regulatory requirements and protecting the integrity of our products and services.

CP Kelco achieves these goals as we build our understanding of customer needs and applications. Our commitment to quality – as manifested by our quality management systems and processes – creates the value we bring to our customers. At CP Kelco, we realize that meeting customer expectations requires a balanced approach to quality, delivery, price, plant capability, performance and service.

CP Kelco’s Quality Management System encompasses areas that directly affect customer and product performance:

  • Product quality and regulatory compliance
  • Best-practice global standards and systems
  • Operational support
  • Customer problem solving and improvement
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Customer service and support

This integrated system is designed to meet customers’ performance objectives, create competitive advantage and foster collaborative relationships that spur innovation.

Qualities Diagram


CP Kelco believes that all injuries are preventable, all health risks are controllable and that management is always accountable. We expect every employee to not only follow the law but to reflect our values and principles by creating an ethical and safe company culture.

We aim to achieve sustainable success through leadership and excellence in safety and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, families and communities. “Drive Toward Zero” (DTZ) – no work-related injuries or accidents – is our vision for excellence in safety.

CP Kelco believes that excellence in safety is entirely compatible with and supportive of other business goals, such as quality, productivity and profitability. We believe that safe, healthy employees have a positive impact on all operations.

CP Kelco is committed to achieving Drive Toward Zero through:

  • Management commitment to excellence in safety
  • Line management ownership of the safety agenda
  • Training and involvement of all employees in safety activities
  • Comprehensive safety practices required of all employees
  • Safety Organization and Safety Specialists who work closely with line management to implement and manage safety practices