Business Principles

As a global company, CP Kelco operates daily in diverse markets, cultures and business environments. The breadth of these operations requires well-defined business practices and guidance for management teams and individuals as they work with employees, customers and government entities.

We remain committed to putting customers first as we strive for continuous improvement and long-term business sustainability. Our strong and distinctive approach to ethics helps us to remain competitive and retain market leadership.

The CP Kelco Code of Conduct ensures that all employees can make confident decisions that allow the organization to conduct business ethically and minimize both legal and reputational risks. It is a framework to help support the sometimes difficult decisions our employees face in the course of daily business. This framework encourages employees to do the right thing, not just follow the rules.

The CP Kelco Code of Conduct is based on the Huber Principles, the core beliefs that set Huber companies apart in all markets served.


Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

A top priority across Huber companies is to achieve world-class performance in preventing employee injuries and maintaining process safety. We implement an effective EHS&S compliance system that supports our drive for sustainability and continuous reduction of our environmental footprint. CP Kelco is a responsible corporate citizen wherever we operate throughout the world.

Ethical Behavior

CP Kelco fosters open communication to ensure that potential ethical concerns are promptly identified and properly resolved. Globally, we operate with the highest standard for compliance with laws, regulations and corporate policies. Huber and CP Kelco employees conduct themselves with professionalism and ethical responsibility toward others.

Respect for People

Huber companies value employee diversity and superior teamwork by following fair employment practices and creating a work environment that is free from discrimination. Employees receive honest and constructive feedback, recognition for their accomplishments and opportunities for individual learning and development. At CP Kelco, employees share the company’s core values and show dignity and respect for others.


Customer focus and operational excellence is the foundation of CP Kelco’s competitive advantage. Customer intimacy and innovation continue to drive new product development and commercialization. Operational excellence results from our application of ongoing learning and best practices to process engineering, product quality, productivity improvement, supply chain management and customer service.

One CP Kelco Quality Standard

CP Kelco abides by one global quality standard that does not vary by the location of the production facility or the customer sale. Consistent, defect‐free, high performance products are our opportunity to differentiate from the competition and create sustainable business.

Quality improvement and food safety performance guidelines are in place that describe minimum mandatory quality and regulatory requirements for all CP Kelco facilities. These standards are designed to raise the commitment to quality and food safety, and include audits of all facilities to certify and validate to this standard.

Our global systems of governance, assurance and improvement, combined with our culture of quality, are an investment to ensure CP Kelco continues to be a trusted and reliable supplier. This is reflected in our Global Quality and Food Safety Policy.

Huber and CP Kelco provide fair employment practices and fair treatment to all employees and job applicants. All Huber businesses create a work environment free from discrimination, in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

These principles are the cultural pillar and the guiding force on how CP Kelco conducts business around the world. CP Kelco strongly believes that its reputation and integrity depend on adhering to these principles. They address the same environmental, employee and safety concerns that drive our customer’s guidelines. As the scope of CP Kelco’s operations increase and the organizational structure evolves, the above principles remain constant. By adhering to these principles in every situation, CP Kelco ensures that every employee in every corner of the world is doing business to the highest ethical standards.