Our History of Innovation

Throughout our nearly 90 year history, CP Kelco has pioneered the development and application of hydrocolloids for industrial and commercial use.

We trace our roots to the founding of the Kelco Company in San Diego, California in 1929 and the launch of Copenhagen Pectin in 1934. Over the next 70 years, both companies pioneered and expanded the development and application of pectin and other hydrocolloids such as xanthan gum, gellan gum and carrageenan.

In 2000, Kelco merged with Copenhagen Pectin to form CP Kelco, creating a global organization with manufacturing capabilities in the US, Brazil, Denmark, Germany and the Philippines. In 2004, CP Kelco became part of J.M. Huber Corporation and merged with Huber’s Noviant CMC business the following year. As a result of combining capabilities, expertise, industry experience and products within Huber, CP Kelco is positioned as one of the world’s leading producers of specialty hydrocolloids in the 21st century.

Over the past 12 years, J.M. Huber and CP Kelco have invested in the company’s future through expansions in Brazil and Denmark, new manufacturing facilities in China, and the establishment of sales and service locations in emerging markets throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

Explore Our History

1883 Joseph Maria Huber founds J.M. Huber Corporation as a dry colors business
1929 Kelco Company founded in San Diego, California, USA
1934 As the foundation for Copenhagen Pectin, Danish entrepreneur Karl Pedersen begins his marmalade business in Copenhagen
1944 Äänekoski, Finland, CMC plant begins operations
1947 Pedersen builds pectin plant in Lille Skensved, Denmark
1950 Großenbrode, Germany, pectin plant begins operations
1954 Limeira, Brazil, pectin plant opens
1959 Kelco launches investment in world’s first commercial production of xanthan gum in San Diego
1977 Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA, biogums plant begins production
1989 Copenhagen Pectin initiates effort to farm seaweed in Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa (CP Kelco is primary shareholder of Zanea Seaweed Co., Ltd.)
1992 Gellan Gum production begins in San Diego, California, USA
1997 Cebu, Philippines, carrageenan manufacturing plant built
1998 Copenhagen Pectin expands Limeira plant
2000 Kelco merges with Copenhagen Pectin to form CP Kelco

Sales and service office established by CP Kelco in Leatherhead, UK, Tokyo, Japan and Singapore

2001 Huber acquires Noviant CMC

Wulian becomes home to one of the largest xanthan gum producers in China (now CP Kelco Shandong Biological Company, Ltd.)

2003 CP Kelco and Noviant both establish sales offices in Shanghai, China
2004 Huber acquires CP Kelco
2005 Noviant becomes part of CP Kelco
2009 Taixing, China, begins CMC production
2010 CP Kelco announces LMA Pectin facility expansion, Denmark